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Radio preaching was a real Gospel outreach when you could hear men like J. Vernon McGee, Oliver B. Greene, and Maze Jackson.  In years gone by, Bro. Maze Jackson had a 30-minute radio program that was known as Broadcasting For Jesus that covered America and Mexico with the Gospel. 


Later, the Lord led Bro. Maze to evangelize the Truck Drivers of America with The Truck Driver’s Special program that blanketed the Nation with the Word 24 hours a day.  You could not go anywhere in America without turning the dial and hearing from THE YOUNG MAN WITH THE OLD MESSAGE. Recorded tapes of his program are still aired today. 


The recorded voice of “one of God’s cheerleaders,” as some called him, would lift you to the Throne of Grace.


Most people called him “Brother Maze.”  He was a popular southern evangelist who preached with the fire and zeal of the old revival preachers of the past.  Brother Maze was born on November 23, 1923, and grew up in Hendersonville, North Carolina, where he attended the Flat Rock Baptist Church.  His dad was a fireman on the Southern Railway Company, and his mother worked in a sock mill.  He enjoyed a typical childhood with his younger brother, Frederick.


After high school, Bro. Maze attended North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina.  In his freshman year he began reading the Bible his mother had stowed away in his luggage. In reading he came under conviction, and was saved at the age of 19.  When he called his mother to tell her the good news, he said, “You could hear her shout over the phone!”  Thank the Lord for godly mothers.


Soon thereafter Bro. Maze transferred to Columbia Bible College in Columbia, South Carolina.  Under the tutelage of Dr. Frank Sells, he matured in the Lord.  While in Columbia, he met Dorothy Whetstone who worked in a local bank.  Their friendship sped along and eight months later, on June 4, 1945, they were married.  Three sons were born to the lovely couple.


Bro. Maze began pastoring shortly after they married.  In all Bro. Maze pastored three churches.  Among them was the Jackson Creek Baptist Church in Dentsville, South Carolina, where he and Dot were married.  His gifts were apparent to one and all alike, and, in time, the Lord called His servant into full-time evangelism.  His schedule was to begin meetings on Tuesday night and conclude on Sunday Afternoon.  On Sunday night he traveled home.  Mondays were spent in taping radio broadcasts, and then he would begin another series of meetings on Tuesday.  Fifty meetings a year kept him very busy.  Most of the various churches loved and knew Bro. Maze well as he was in their churches annually.


Mrs. Jackson traveled with Bro. Maze for five or six years before his home going on May 16, 1996.  His funeral was held in the Belmont Baptist Church in Conyers, Georgia.  His son Nolan pastors the work there, and his widow lived with her son until a stroke took her to Heaven to join her husband on May 31, 2012.  The auditorium was filled to capacity with folks standing outside. The choir loft was filled with preachers.  Attendees saluted as his casket was being brought into the church.  Four pastor friends preached his funeral message, and there were few dry eyes in the auditorium that day.


Bro. Maze was an unusual man, but God often uses unusual men in the field of evangelism.  He was a powerful preacher and master storyteller.  He could have you weeping one minute and shouting the next.  He and his ministry are missed, but his memory continues to minister and encourage multitudes.